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  • CAUTIVA (Captive), directed by Gastón Biraben, DVD, 2005. An Argentine teenager discovers that her real parents were among the “desaparecidos” of her country’s Dirty War in the 1970’s – and that the couple who have raised her may have had something to do with their disappearance. Available from Amazon: Cautiva

  • CHASING FREEDOM, from Court TV, 2004. A television drama about an attorney played by Juliette Lewis who takes on the case of an Afghan woman (Layla Alizada) seeking asylum in the United States. Available from Amazon: Chasing Freedom

  • DETAINED, by Jenny Alexander, DVD, 28 Minutes. On March 6, 2007, 361 undocumented immigrant workers at a New Bedford factory producing vests for the U.S. military were arrested in a raid by Immigration, Customs and Enforcement (ICE). The majority were women, many with small children. Detained follows families affected by the raid, documenting the impact on the community as well. In Spanish and English with English subtitles. Available from the producer.
  • ESTAMOS AQUI (We Are Here), by Sharon Baker, Hearts and Minds Film, DVD, 56 Minutes, 2006. Available from Teleduction. Sussex County, Delaware, is the largest chicken-producing county in America. In the last ten years, thousands of Hispanics have migrated here in search of employment, and a peace that has eluded them in Central America. This film hightlights the impact of ecomonic migration on the town's residents as well as the new arrivals.
  • GOLUB/SPERO, by Jerry Blumenthal & Gordon Quinn, and Irene Sosa, DVD, 82/45/11 Minutes, Kartemquin Educational Films. Three films on the lives and work of artists Leon Golub and his wife Nancy Spero, both of whom have focused on issues of war and political violence. Golub: Late Works are the Catastrophes, in particular, focuses on the artist's images from the 1970's and 80's of torture and interrogation. Also available from Amazon: Golub/Spero
  • INSIDE GUANTANAMO (NATIONAL GEOGRAPHIC EXPLORER), by Jon Else & Bonni Cohen. National Geographic, DVD, 90 minutes. Else and Cohen’s film is an impressionistic, rather than journalistic, examination of the day-to-day tensions between inmates and troops who guard them in the worlds most infamous prison camp. Available from Amazon: Inside Guantanamo
  • IN THE TALL GRASS, By Col Metcalfe, Choices Video, DVD, 57 Minutes, 2007. The story of Rwanda’s search for redemption as it seeks to reckon with the horrors of genocide through a network of informal, community courts called Gacaca. The film follows a survivor named Joanita Mukarusanga as she confronts the neighbor she says killed her family, and the community that sanctioned their murders. Available for purchase at the producers' website and from Amazon: In the Tall Grass
  • KEEPERS OF MEMORY: SURVIVORS' ACCOUNTS OF THE RWANDAN GENOCIDE, by Eric Kabera, Choices Video. DVD, 52 minutes, 2004. Marking the 15th anniversary of the tragic genocide in Rwanda. Kabera’s film is a sensitive look at the many Rwandans who maintain memorials to those whose lives were lost, along with their personal stories. Available from Amazon: Keepers of Memory
  • MOOLAADE, by Ousmane Sembène, New Yorker Films, DVD, 124 Minutes, 2004. Addresses the subject of female genital cutting, or circumcision, still common in many African countries, especially immediately south of the Sahara. Colle, a village woman, decides to break from tradition and gives refuge to a group of young girls. Standing up against the elders who believe in the necessity of circumcision (they call it "purification"), Colle uses moolaadé (magical protection) to protect the girls. Available from Amazon: Moolaadé
  • THE OFFICIAL STORY (La Historia Official), directed by Luis Puenzo, 1985. The first Latin American film to win the Best Foreign Language Oscar. A middle-class Argentine woman must confront growing suspicion that her adopted daughter may have been taken by her husband from parents “disappeared” and murdered during the “Dirty War of the 1970’s. Available from Amazon: The Official Story

  • S21: THE KHMER ROUGE KILLING MACHINE, by Rithy Panh, DVD, 105 Minutes, First Run Features. Approximately 1.7 million people (21% of the country's population) lost their lives in the Cambodian genocide of 1975-1979. The most famous of the Khmer Rouge interrogation centers, codenamed S-21, was located in an abandoned Phnom Penh high school. To its neighbors, S-21 was known as konlaenh choul min dael chenh - "the place where people go in but never come out." In this film, two of S21’s few survivors confront their former jailers and interrogators. Available from Amazon: S21
  • SENTENCED HOME, by David Grabias and Nicole Newnham, DVD, 76 Minutes, IndiePix. Decades after fleeing to the United States as refugees, three young Cambodian-American men find themselves facing deportation to an uncertain future in a country they hardly know. Available from Amazon: Sentenced Home
  • SIERRA LEONE'S REFUGEE ALL STARS, by Zach Niles and Banker White, DVD, Refugee All Stars. The remarkable story of a group of musicians who form a band while living in a West African refugee camp. Set against the backdrop of a brutal civil war, the film details the group's stories of survival and their daily struggle to keep hope and music alive. Available from Amazon: Refugee All Stars
  • SPECIAL CIRCUMSTANCES, by Marianne Teleki & Héctor Salgado, DVD, 56 Minutes. New Day Films, 2006. Salgado was one of thousands tortured or killed in Chile following the U.S. supported coup against Salvador Allende. This film documents his journey to confront those responsible for his torture 30 years earlier. In the process, the film explores the impact of U.S. foreign policy in Latin America in the 1970’s and since.

  • STANDARD OPERATING PROCEDURE, by Errol Morris, Participant Productions, DVD, 116 minutes, 2008. Examines cases of torture and murder at Iraq's now-infamous Abu Ghraib prison. Relying heavily on interviews with the seven low-ranking soldiers who actually served time for the crimes, it leaves it to the viewer to judge whether blame lies with these "bad apples" or with the military and government's systemic flaws. Available from Amazon: Standard Operating Procedure
  • THROUGH MY EYES: A FILM ABOUT RWANDAN YOUTH, by Eric Kabera, Choices Video DVD, 44 minutes, 2006. Follows the youth of Rwanda today, who use the arts to help move their country forward ten years after the genocide. Through dance, poetry, music and painting, the teens, many of whom lost parents and family members during the conflict, deal with the emotional and physical trauma they endured. Available from Amazon: Through My Eyes
  • TAXI TO THE DARK SIDE, by Alex Gibney, 2008. DVD, 106 Minutes. One of the most disturbing of the feature length documentaries “inspired” by the wars in Afghanistan and Iraq, this film is bookended by the story of a young Afghan taxi driver (later shown to be innocent) who was beaten to death during interrogation at Bagram Air Base. The title comes from Vice President Dick Cheney’s announcement that the U.S. need to be “working the dark side.” Available from Amazon: Taxi To the Dark Side

  • THE TORTURE QUESTION (Frontline), by Michael Kirk, DVD or VHS. Frontline/PBS, 2005. One of the first broadcast documentaries dealing with U.S. interrogation policy and the detention of “enemy combatants” at Guantánamo Bay. Can also be viewed online; transcript available.

  • WARDANCE, by Sean Fine & Andrea Nix, DVD, Fine Films, 107 Minutes, 2008. Wardance follows the plight of Ugandan children kidnapped and forced to fight for the so-called Lord's Resistance Army. Three former child soldiers now living in a displacement camp in northern Uganda compete in their country's national music and dance festival. Available from Amazon: War Dance
  • WELL-FOUNDED FEAR, by Shari Robertson and Michael Camerini, DVD, 120 Minutes, The Epidavros Project. Discussion modules based on the film are also available. An inside look at the Immigration and Naturalization Service (now Immigration and Customs Enforcement, or ICE) where bureaucrats decide the fates of thousands of asylum-seekers each year. To be granted asylum, applicants must demonstrate a “well-founded fear” that their lives would be in danger were they to be deported. Available from Amazon: Well-Founded Fear
  • WORSE THAN WAR: GENOCIDE, ELIMINATIONISIM, AND THE ONGOING ASSAULT ON HUMANITY, by Daniel Jonah Goldhagen, based on his book of the same name, DVD, 120 Minutes, PBS Video. Available from Amazon: Worse Than War


  • BREAKING THE SILENCE: TORTURE SURVIVORS SPEAK OUT, by Valliere Richard Auzenne & Terry Coonan, DVD, 65 Minutes. Available from Torture Abolition and Survivors Support Coalition, International, 2007. Torture survivors from Africa, the Philippines, South America, the Middle East and the United States speak out both about their experiences and about their feelings regarding U.S. involvement in torture.

  • FROM TERROR TO HEALING, VHS or DVD, Downloadable study guide available. Center for Victims of Torture, Minneapolis, MN. Part 1: Overview of Political Torture Today, 31 minutes. Includes the legal definition of torture, how torture is practiced and why, the highest risk populations, aftereffects, assessment and treatment options, and the history of the torture rehabilitation movement. Part 2: The Torture Survivor's Perspective, 28 minutes. Two torture survivors and a Bosnian medical interpreter describe their experiences with torture, the aftereffects, and their first experiences with the U.S. Healthcare system. Included are suggestions to healthcare providers for effective engagement.
  • HEALING AND THE PURSUIT OF JUSTICE : Challenging Sexual Assault as a Weapon of War, DVD, 34 Minutes. Center for Victims of Torture, Minneapolis, MN. For human rights advocates, and for primary care providers, therapists, and staff in refugee camps who work with survivors of sexual torture.
  • JUSTICE WITHOUT BORDERS, by Pamela Bates, narrated by Tim Robbins, DVD, 36 Minutes. Amnesty International (preview available online.) Follows three stories of the global movement for justice and accountability: the campaign to extradite former president Alberto Fujimori back to Peru for trial, the efforts of the International Criminal Court to try armed faction leaders from Uganda and the Democratic Republic of Congo for enslavement of child soldiers, and the quest to bring Guatemalan General Rios Montt to justice in Spain. NOTE: this DVD, along with an extensive packet of resource materials, is available without charge to groups planning community screenings.
  • PRIMETIME TORTURE: Interrogation – what works, what doesn’t, and how it’s portrayed on TV, DVD, 14 Minutes, Human Rights First. Can also be viewed online. Shows the difference between the way that interrogation is shown on TV and the way it ought to work in the field. The film weaves together clips from some of TV’s most popular shows with the comments of seasoned interrogators. A related power-point and lesson plan are also available for teachers and discussion leaders. The program is especially designed for students training to serve in the military.
  • STORIES OF RESILIENCE, by Deep Story Works, DVD, 7 Minutes. Documents the work of Survivors of Torture, International in San Diego, 2008.
  • OUTLAWED: EXTRAORDINARY RENDITION, by Witness, DVD, 28 minutes, 2006. From the human rights group Witness, Outlawed tells the stories of two men who have survived extraordinary rendition, secret detention, and torture by the U.S. government, working with various other governments worldwide. Available from the Witness Store and from Amazon: Outlawed


visual resources — Slides, power points

  • PRESENTATION TO AMERICAN PUBLIC HEALTH ASSOCIATION, by The Refuge Media Project, October, 2008. A cogent and comprehensive statement of the goals and plans of the Project, including summaries of several research studies establishing the need for the documentary, Refuge: Caring for Survivors of Torture.


visual resources — on the web

  • THE REFUGE MEDIA PROJECT ON YOUTUBE In addition to recent video clips from our own project, we have links to many other videos available on the internet.
  • DEMOCRACY NOW offers DVDs as well as downloadable files of many provocative interview shows dealing with the issue of torture and U.S. policy with regard to torture. Included are a number of programs on the debate within the American Psychological Association over psychologists’ participation in interrogation.
  • CAMPAIGN TO BAN TORTURE: A number of provocative YouTube videos are available from this coalition of nationally respected faith, military, foreign and security policy leaders who have endorsed a Declaration of Principles for a Presidential Executive Order on Prisoner Treatment, Torture and Cruelty.
  • ROBERT JAY LIFTON: on the APA and interrogation: A 28-minute interview on the American Psychology Association's position on detainee interrogations. Dr. Lifton is the author Death in Life: Survivors of Hiroshima, Home from the War: Learning From Vietnam Veterans, The Nazi Doctors: Medical Killing and the Psychology of Genocide, Thought Reform and the Psychology of Totalism: A Study of Brainwashing in China, and many other publications.
  • PRIMETIME TORTURE: Interrogation – what works, what doesn’t, and how it’s portrayed on TV: 14 Minutes.Shows the difference between the way that interrogation is shown on TV and the way it ought to work in the field. The film weaves together clips from some of TV’s most popular shows with the comments of seasoned interrogators. A related power-point and lesson plan are also available for teachers and discussion leaders. The program is especially designed for students training to serve in the military.



  • TRANSITIONAL JUSTICE AND RELATED HUMAN RIGHTS MEDIA, by David Backer and Zachary Kaufman, 2005. A resource for activists, policy makers and scholars seeking to study, understand or implement various approaches to transitional justice, including criminal prosecution, truth commissions, reconciliation, reparations, and so on.






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