Our Outreach Partners are organizations that will be working with us to develop and carry out strategies ensuring that our films communicate effectively and reach the widest possible audiences. They include:

  • ADVOCATES FOR SURVIVORS OF TORTURE AND TRAUMA, Baltimore, Maryland, and Washington, DC, provides comprehensive mental health care and social services to survivors. Its mission is to alleviate the suffering of those who have experienced the trauma of torture, to educate the local, national, and world community about the needs of torture survivors, and to advocate on their behalf.
  • ATLANTA ASYLUM NETWORK, Atlanta, Georgia, is a service program of the Institute of Human Rights of Emory University. The Network is a student-founded organization of health professionals and student case managers who volunteer their time to assist survivors of torture and persecution seeking political Asylum.
  • BOSTON CENTER FOR REFUGEE HEALTH AND HUMAN RIGHTS, Boston, Massachusetts. Located at Boston's major public hospital, BCRHHR provides multidisciplinary services and strives to be a healing community for survivors. Interpreter services are available for over 30 languages.
  • CENTER FOR TORTURE AND TRAUMA SURVIVORS, Decatur, Georgia, is a community-based program providing service and support to Georgia's survivors of torture as they settle into mainstream community life.
  • CENTER FOR VICTIMS OF TORTURE, Minneapolis, Minnesota, works to heal the wounds of torture on individuals, their families and their communities, and offers training to health care providers, educators and others about the devastating effects of torture and war trauma. The Center also advocates for the investigation and abolition of torture worldwide.
  • DISPARITIES SOLUTIONS CENTER, Massachusetts General Hospital, Boston, Massachusetts. The DSC aims to develop and implement strategies to eliminate racial and ethnic disparities in health care through education and leadership training, and through research which can inform innovative policy and practice for health care providers, educators, community organizations, and other stakeholders.
  • HARVARD PROGRAM IN REFUGEE TRAUMA, Cambridge, Massachusetts, is a multi-disciplinary program that has been pioneering the health and mental health care of traumatized refugees and civilians in areas of conflict and natural disasters for over two decades.
  • MARJORIE KOVLER CENTER / HEARTLAND ALLIANCE, Chicago, Illinois, is devoted to the recovery and healing of individuals, families, and communities affected by torture. Its treatment approach is based on empowerment, community building, and multidisciplinary services to enhance the natural resiliency of survivors and assist in rebuilding their lives.
  • PHYSICIANS FOR HUMAN RIGHTS, Cambridge, Massachusetts, mobilizes the skills and voices of healthcare professionals to investigate human rights violations, including torture, and work to end them. PHR's members seek to advance the goal of healthcare with justice and dignity for all.
  • SURVIVORS INTERNATIONAL, San Francisco, California, provides psychological and medical services to survivors of torture in the San Francisco Bay Area. It helps them put the pieces of their lives back together by providing the support they need to re-establish healthy and productive lives after their experiences of torture.
  • SURVIVORS OF TORTURE, INTERNATIONAL, San Diego, California, cares for survivors of politically motivated torture and their families through a holistic program including medical, dental, psychiatric, psychological, legal and social services. Its mission also includes educating professional communities and the public about the needs of torture survivors.

To discuss becoming an Outreach Partner, email or send us a letter at the address on our contact page.



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